Retirement home residents fight for their right to party


The residents of an assisted living facility are fighting for their right to party.

The "Belvedere Boys" and residents of the Belvedere Assisted Living Facility are showing everyone that you are never too old to have fun in their hilarious viral video.

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In the video, the group of 90-somethings parody the Beastie Boys' hit "Fight for Your Right to Party."

The aging partiers rebel against their caretakers, sing, dance and share bottles of Jack Daniels. Sources say that the liquor may have been replaced with apple juice.

The video, posted on March 30, has around 2 million views now.

One YouTube comment read, "These guys rock, the Beastie Boys would be proud."

This is not the first time the group has gone viral. They previously spoofed "Summer Nights" from Grease and Pharrell Williams' "Happy."
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