Woman in wheelchair wins treadmill on 'The Price is Right,' laughs it off

A file photo of Drew Carey as the host of ''The Price is Right.'' (AP)

When Danielle Perez, who uses a wheelchair, discovered she'd be playing for a treadmill on The Price is Right, she had a sense of humor about it.

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Moments after Perez won the One Bid round, she was told she'd be playing for two prizes: a sauna...and a treadmill.

"Those are really nice," she said when she saw the prizes, playing it off.

If you're worried that she was just being polite, don't be. She was genuinely amused, she told People Magazine.

"I just thought, 'Oh this is perfect, you cannot write this, you cannot make this up,'" she said. "It's not even that I'm in a wheelchair, it's that I literally don't have feet."

The models and host Drew Carey stayed mellow as Perez was given the choice to guess the price of one of the two. Perez looked out to the audience for advice, then, giggling, decided to guess the price of the sauna.

She got it right, meaning she won both prizes.

CBS said in a statement to CNBC that prizes are chosen before contestants.

"Every member of 'The Price Is Right' studio audience has a chance to be selected to play," the statement read. "Prizes are determined in advance of the show and are not decided based on the contestants."

Game rules dictated that Perez wasn't allowed to post anything about it until the episode aired, according to People. When she finally got to break her silence, she was quick to point out the irony, and so were social media users.

And when people were worried that she was upset, she set the record straight.

So what is Perez going to do with the treadmill?

"At first I was going to sell it," she told People, "but now with all of this happening, I kind of want to keep it to have as a memento."
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