6abc gets sneak peek into historic transformation at Walt Disney World's Epcot

ORLANDO, Florida (WPVI) -- Pretty soon there will be even more magic to discover at the Walt Disney World Resort.

"It's the biggest ever that I think we've ever done for Epcot," said Epcot Executive Portfolio Producer, Jodi Mclaughlin.

In line with Walt Disney's vision of a place that "changes with the times" Epcot is undergoing a historic transformation.

"We've got new attractions at World Showcase we got a Ratatouille attraction and we have some new attractions over in what is now future world, Guardians of the Galaxy so it's all very exciting, very dynamic, big changes," said Mclaughlin.

We're talking about new experiences and attractions guaranteed to thrill all ages and remain true to Walt's idea that the part "would always be in a state of becoming."

Visitors to the park can get a sneak peek of all the new landscapes and entertainment spectaculars when they stop by the "Epcot Experience."

A visual feast of all things past, present and future at Epcot.

"We thought it's Epcot, we have to do it in a unique way and so we built this amazing immersive 360 theatre with this beautiful 14-foot model in the middle that gives guests just a taste of all the exciting enhancement that are about to come to the park," said Michael Hundgen, executive producer of Walt Disney Imagineering.

One of those enhancements is the dramatic curtain-closer at the park: "Epcot Forever."

An array of lights, lasers, and of course fireworks illuminating the World Showcase Lagoon.

"Epcot Forever is a love letter to this park, what it has been for the last 30 years and what it's becoming over who knows how many decades," said Alan Brunn, the show director of Epcot Forever.

Many of the new attractions are slated to open in 2020.

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