Estate planning: What you should know to prepare during COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Times like this have a lot of people facing their own mortality and thinking about having important documents, such as a will.

Action News talked to Susan Piette, an estate planning lawyer based in Montgomery County with clients around the region.

Piette says even this weekend there are things we can all do.

"Take a snapshot of all your assets, are they jointly held? Are they in your sole name?" said Piette. "Is there a designated beneficiary? This kind of helps you get a sense, 'if I pass tomorrow, where would they go and how they would flow to that person?" she adds.

An attorney can also help you set up powers of attorney for both medical and financial reasons, and designate an executor - someone to see to the wishes in your will.

These are things nobody wants to think about, but we all should if we haven't already.

It'll just be one more thing your family won't have to worry about.
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