Federal ban on evictions extended through March | What you need to know

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The federal ban on evictions has now been extended until at least March 31, 2021. It was one of the first executive actions taken by President Joe Biden, but there are things tenants need to do to invoke that protection.

First, you have to complete and provide your landlord a form that's on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

"There's a declaration form they have to check off all the boxes on the declaration form, sign the bottom of the form," said Rachel Garland of Community Legal Services. (Philly Tenant Hotline is 267-443-2500).

That signed declaration must assert that you meet the following requirements:

- You earn less than $100,000 a year
- You've experienced a significant loss of income
- You've made your best effort to find rental assistance and pay your rent
- Be aware the order does not cancel your rent obligations altogether.

"Part of the declaration that you sign says I will do my best each month to pay as much of my rent as I can," said Garland.

According to the order, ultimately you are still on the hook for any missed payments.

It is unclear whether your landlord can require you to provide proof that you need financial assistance.

"All the CDC order tries to do is tries to limit the number of people who are being displaced right now, as a public health measure. This is not an economic solution," she said.

Tenants and their landlords can apply for rental assistance as soon as the new funding becomes available, likely in early March 2021.

Landlords can apply for Philadelphia's new Eviction Diversion Program and their tenant will be matched with a housing counselor to help connect with resources and resolve the eviction issue.
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