Hair care issues may keep some black women from exercising

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WPVI) -- There are many reasons why people don't exercise, or exercise enough. A new study points to one for African American women that's not being addressed - hair care.

A heavy workout can easily undo hours, and many dollars, in styling.

Dr. Sophia Tolliver of Ohio State University/Wexner Medical Center makes it a priority to discuss exercise and hair with her patients, in light of high rates of diabetes and heart disease among African American women.

But in her new study, Dr. Tolliver found that three-quarters of primary care doctors don't talk about it, and many didn't realize it can be an issue.

She says women should bring up the issue if doctors don't address is, and work to find solutions.

She says some of her patients have adapted their hairstyles to tolerate workouts.

One is now hooked on running, and just completed her first marathon.
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