Mom continues tough workouts while pregnant

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
VIDEO: Crossfitting while pregnant
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A mom who practically went from the gym to the delivery room is stirring controversy. She continued her intense "Crossfit" workouts until days before her baby was born.

A mom who practically went from the gym to the delivery room is stirring controversy.

She continued her intense CrossFit workouts until just days before he baby was born.

Many women think it's dangerous, and now doctors are weighing in.

Her name is Zuleima Ramirez. Video recordings show her doing strenuous pushups while standing on her head and other intense movements as part of her grueling CrossFit workout.

Ramirez started doing CrossFit two years ago, and when she became pregnant with her second child she says she saw no reason to quit.

"My doctor always said being pregnant is not being sick," she said.

In fact, the only real change she made was dropping the amount of weight she lifts, from 65 pounds down to 50 pounds, and maintaining that throughout the pregnancy.

She worked closely with a trainer, and when she showed her doctor videos of her workout she was assured it was safe to continue.

"For women who are at this level of physical fitness before pregnancy, they can listen to their bodies and safely continue to work out at that level throughout their entire pregnancy under the supervision of their health provider," said Dr. Jennifer Ashton of ABC News.

Ramirez suffered terrible morning sickness during her first pregnancy, but says she felt wonderful during this one. And she continued her CrossFit routine until four days before she delivered.

"With this one I didn't even feel like I'm pregnant," she said. "I was so normal. I mean I did everything I always do."

Another benefit of her CrossFit workouts? During her first pregnancy she gained 30 pounds, which is average for a one-baby pregnancy. But this time she gained only 16 pounds.

"I like to say pregnancy is an athletic event," said Ashton. "You have to train for it. It's very strenuous, physically as well as emotionally, so I think the better shape a woman is in going into her pregnancy, the better she'll feel."

Ramirez says she is finished having babies, but she's not finished with CrossFit.

"I already have my girl and my boy, and that's what we were looking for," she said. "But definitely if I had another baby, I would do it just the same way."

She plans to be back at her routine in just a few weeks.