Local Toddlers Surprise Strangers With Gifts

A Montgomery County family is trending this holiday season for all the right reasons.

They're showcasing the true meaning of Christmas, through the eyes and good deeds of toddlers.

In this Facebook video, Rachel Markey shared with Action News, we see 2-year-old cousins Bryce, Callie, and Kacee learning the gift of giving.

Their moms, including Markey, Jackie Forbes, and Jackie Schwanbeck, sent their little elves around the Willow Grove Mall to surprise random people with thoughtful presents.

The gifts were not expensive, but they were rich in meaning.

They included inspirational signs and mugs, books for children, and socks and slippers for older folks.

The moms say they were so touched by seeing their children putting a smile on stranger's faces that they plan to make the surprise gifts a yearly tradition.

In fact, they want to expand the movement to nursing homes, hospitals, women's shelters, and more.

All, so their kids will know how important it is to give back during the holidays... and not just receive.
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