Art of Aging: Alzheimer's therapy

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Alzheimer's is one of the toughest afflictions to treat and for family members to understand, but a new therapy is helping some patients restore their identities.

At Pine Run Retirement Community in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, residents with Alzheimer's are put in touch with their memories through painting and clay molding.

Mary Beth Baringer is the Administrator at the Pine Run Retirement Community.

She says, "So much of what we are about is just still finding the life in these residents. And there is so much potential still there."

Kris Sinisi is an art instructor who works with the residents on their projects.

"They may lose certain memories, but imagination is key, and it's always there, and it can always be sparked and triggered," said Kris.

Their work is proudly displayed on the walls.

Mary Beth says, "Seeing that moment of joy and accomplishment on their faces - that's significant. It's really significant. I think it brings them back to who they were."

Emily Cuff, the Life Enrichment Manager of Pine Run Retirement Community said, "We really try to build on what our residents still have today and making sure that they are being celebrated in those successes."

"I love seeing that they think they can't do it and in the end, they have a piece, and they are always rewarded," said Kris.

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