Article: Parents bully to elevate social status of their kids

It's the new face of bullying that people might find pretty hard to believe.

Kids getting picked on - not by other kids - but by parents, particularly moms.

In an online article that has received more than 2 million views, writer Lisa Barr calls it "social engineering" - parents putting other kids down, just to elevate the social status of their own kid.

"What they believe is if their kids are in the group then their kids will be happy and their kids will be, you know, the forefront of Facebook and the photos, and these moms really have no pity for how it affects another child," said Barr.

Experts say if you want to take on a mean mom, choose your timing wisely and know that people don't change.

And some moms say in the end, it's a life lesson for kids on how to be strong and resilient.
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