Biological sisters separated as embryos reunited 10 years later

Two biological sisters who were separated as embryos have been reunited a decade later.

Ten-year-old Jamie is the daughter of Alison and Tom Benassi, who got pregnant using IVF and then decided to give their unused embryos up for adoption.

The Joseph family was also having trouble conceiving, and had their baby girl Piper, now 9-years-old using one of those embryos.

The two miracle babies - connected by biology, not birth - share a special bond.

"It's been an instant connection. You would never know that they didn't know each other for the first 9 years," said one of their fathers.

"We do act like sisters. We do argue sometimes," said the girls.

The Josephs say they are eternally grateful to the Benassis and urge every couple who has frozen embryos to consider giving them up for adoption.
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