Comebacks for rude comments on family

As many social media users know, the comment section can get out of control. It's a blank space where the people you know and love, plus those you hardly see, can type away.

For some reason, it seems everyone has an opinion these days on how many kids we do - or don't - have.

If you ask around, there's been an uptick on unsolicited opinions.

To combat this, a viral blog offers 40 Comebacks for Rude Comments on Your Family.

The blog, called Happiness Is Here, says no matter the intention of the comment, you always win when you throw back positive vibes, such as:

- "We are so blessed"
- "I wouldn't have it any other way"
- "Yes, my hands are full, but my heart is fuller."

Sometimes the simple response, "why", makes people reevaluate their comments instantly.

If you want to see snarkier comments, head to Alicia Vitarelli's Facebook page (shown below) for some stronger response suggestions from the author.

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