Couple has adorable photo shoot to celebrate 68 years of love

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Almost 68 years together, and they're still deeply in love. (

Ollie and Donald King have had a lifetime of love and they're still going strong.

The couple will celebrate 68 years of marriage in September. Their granddaughter, Ashley Owen, arranged for them to have a photo shoot on their farm in Crab Orchard, Kentucky.

"I'm obsessed with them and I think they're super adorable, even though I'm biased," Owen, 24, told ABC News. "I really did it just for myself because I'm obsessed with them and I thought it would be great."

Donald worked as a pastor for 47 years and Ollie was a quilter for over 30 years. The couple still tends to their roughly 100-acre farm, where they have raised cattle, and grown corn, soybeans and tobacco for the past 30 years, according to photographer Paige Franklin.

Franklin said on Facebook, "I asked him to tell me the one thing he was most proud of her for...and he looked at me for a minute and looked at her, and he said 'there really isn't just one thing. She's just amazing all around.'"

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