FedEx driver caught on tape stealing puppies

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A Texas FedEx driver was caught on video placing a family's puppies into his truck. (WPVI)

A Texas FedEx driver was caught on video placing a family's puppies into his truck.

The video shows the driver pulling up to a home in Houston.

Instead of leaving a package, he takes something precious, The Correa family's two French Bulldogs, Sheila and Bruno.

It was on Wednesday afternoon that the family noticed the puppies were missing from the backyard.

The family begin searching the neighborhood then checked the surveillance video.

According to the video, the driver snatched the first puppy (Shelia) and put her in his truck, but when he goes to swipe Bruno, Sheila makes a run for it and the driver is on her tail, literally.

He manages to scoop her up and then drives away.

Erica Correa says, "Once we seen them on the video we were like, I can't believe it, we are
supposed to trust these people."

The Correa family was beside itself, until a fortunate twist.

Dr. John Gregory from the Kirkwood Vet Hospital saw the family's story on ABC's Houston's affiliate KTRK and recognized the puppies.

A client had delivered them to his office after finding them huddled together in the
middle of a neighborhood street.

"..They were in great condition - they look happy, healthy, very playful," said Dr. Gregory.

5-year-old Savannah Correa says, "I want them back."

The ABC cameras were there when the little girl, Savannah was reunited with Bruno and Sheila Thursday night.

It's not clear if the driver let the dogs go or if they escaped. He has reportedly been suspended.

FedEx ground officials said, "It is "taking this incident very seriously and continues to work closely with authorities
Investigating this matter. Pending the completion of this investigation, the driver will not be providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground."
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