Girl with special needs shares special moment with cashier at Giant Food Store in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A girl and a grocery store cashier in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, formed a special bond on February 24 when the pair bagged groceries together.

Lisa Teach shared a video of her nine-year-old daughter, Lilly, bagging groceries with the help of Giant Food Store cashier, Issac. According to Teach, Lilly loves to pack groceries at the store.

"We've never met Isaac before, but as he watched Lilly approaching the bagging area, she started to get the first bag ready," she wrote, "Isaac, in a moment I'll never forget, asked Lilly if she would like to help him and bag the groceries."

The duo can be seen working together as Issac hands Lilly each item and she places them in bags, putting them into her mom's cart.

When they finish bagging, Lilly says "I love you" to Issac.

"She doesn't say this to everyone, but in the moment, I believe this was her way of saying thank you for seeing me and for letting me help, I love you," Teach said.

Teach added that she was so moved by Isaac's act of kindness that she returned to Giant a few days later with Lilly, who brought him a home-made card and a big hug.