Great-grandpa-to-be has heartwarming reaction to news

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Harry Rollo Sr. had a heartwarming reaction to his granddaughter's baby news. (Bianca Rollo via ABC News)

When Harry Rollo Sr. learned that his eldest grandchild was pregnant, he was overcome with joy.

In a video that has gone viral, Ontario woman Bianca Rollo told her "Papa" the news with a sweet present: a shirt that says "Great Grandpa To Be ... December 2017."

When her grandfather realized what the shirt meant, he stared around the room in shock before breaking down.

"Christ, you're kidding me," he said, covering his face.

Bianca, too, got emotional, watching his reaction. She told ABC News that the two have always been close.

"When I was younger we would always do things together like go on boat rides at the cottage, motorcycle rides, garage sale shopping and go out for ice cream. He also adores my husband Ryan [Rawn] and our little Yorkie Audrey," she said.

Rollo Sr. is planning on hosting a gender reveal party at his house in a few weeks, she said.

"I am so thrilled at how overjoyed he is about the news! I think this is the best news he and the family has had since we lost my Baba (grandmother) in 2008. We all miss her so much. It's exciting to be able to bring new life into this family."
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