Jimmy Kimmel's Father's Day prank: Serve dad breakfast in the shower

(Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

Jimmy Kimmel loves Father's Day pranks. Over the years, he's asked you to spray dear old dad with a hose, hop on pop in bed and even dump breakfast all over dad while he's still in bed.

The kids that followed through with the challenge this year, though, may be the gutsiest yet. They were asked to serve their dad breakfast ... in the shower.

Warning: Adult language.
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Many of the dads were understandably confused when their kids sneaked into the bathroom and exclaimed "Happy Father's Day" while they were showering. Things took a turn for the ugly and the hilarious when some of the kids dumped the contents of dad's breakfast into the shower with him.

Angry screams and curse words abounded, but some dads took it in stride, grinning at their giggling children. At least one dad let his kids actually feed him the breakfast.

How would your dad react if you did this? Let us know in the comments.
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