Mom seeks stranger who saved her family

A young mom is on a mission to find the stranger who ran toward danger to save her - and her two small children.

Laura Bandi and her kids are unharmed thanks to that Good Samaritan.

"I have gone through the possibilities in my mind over what could have happened and it's very scary," said Laura Bandi.

She was driving her brother's Nissan Altima on Route 33 in Bushkill Township, Pa. on Sunday afternoon when the car started smoking.

"I saw through the smoke a man running towards me and yelling, saying "your car is on fire, you have to get out and run."

Bandi's two-year-old son Peter and two-month-old son Andrew were both in the back seat. She grabbed Peter, while the stranger worked to save Andrew.

"He ran around the other side and got Andrew out. We both ran far from the car and watched it go up in flames and burn to the ground," Bandi said.

Cell phone video from a witness shows those flames shooting as high as 12 feet in the air.

Bandi never got the name of the man who saved her from the fiery scene. All she knows is that he also has two children.

He also said he was there at that time because he left work early. On a normal Sunday, he wouldn't have been there.

"He didn't think twice. He jumped in and, who knows? He could have been killed," she said.

Bandi says he was calm and heroic. She calls him her angel

"I don't know who he is. I honestly believe that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sent that man," she said.

She says she just wants to thank him for being selfless, and for being the only one of many people who passed by to actually stop and help

"It was terrifying to know that my babies were in that car, that I was in that car, and to process it all and say 'Okay, we are safe.'

Bandi said she hopes her mystery hero will see this story and reach out - so she can say "Thank you."
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