Sisters diagnosed with cancer weeks apart

Two Utah sisters grew up in the same bedroom, went to the same college, worked for almost a decade at the same company and have visited over 50 countries side by side. Now they are supporting each other as they both battle breast cancer.

Sharee and Annette Page, who are sisters, were diagnosed with breast cancer within weeks of each other. Adding to the coincidence, their sister-in-law, Lindsay, has a different form of cancer.

The sisters now go to the same doctor for joint appointments, and help each other get through the especially difficult days.

"Wow, talk about a huge blessing," said Annette Page, who lives five minutes from her sister in northern Utah. "Who gets to go through something so hard with their best friend, their sister?"

The "Page Sisters," as some of their friends like to call them, found out soon after their diagnosis that they have the BRCA2 gene, a mutation that puts a woman at a much greater risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

In late March, after discovering a large lump in her left breast, Annette Page was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. The news prompted Sharee Page to get herself checked, and the same doctor soon diagnosed her with Stage 2 breast cancer.

"Had she not been diagnosed, I don't think I would have caught mine for six months to a year," Sharee Page said.

Every few weeks, the sisters meet at their mother's house so that she can drive them to their chemotherapy appointment. After the six-hour session, they experience a myriad of matching chemo side effects, including nausea, bloody noses, neuropathy and headaches.

Their bodies react to the medicine in a nearly synchronized fashion. Both are unable to eat food for almost two weeks. Exactly 10 days after treatment, they break out in a rash.

"It's nice to know that someone knows exactly what you're going through," Sharee Page said.

When Sharee's hair started falling out soon after she started chemo, Annette shaved it all off for her.

The strong women continue laughing their way through treatment

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