Swipe left to adopt a baby? Adoption app idea pulled from crowdfunding sites

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A new adoption app that has quickly come under fire by critics.

It's called Adoptly and it's similar to Tinder, but for adoption.

The creators say the goal was to make adopting kids quick and easy. The app's tagline: "Parenthood is just a swipe away."

It allows the user to swipe left of right if you see a child you think might make a good fit, or not.

Adoptly planned to crowdfund its way into the market, but within hours of being up on Indegogo, they were suspended for review by the Trust and Safety team.

The same thing happened on Kickstarter when their platform was pulled down.

Adoptly works like this: families filter their preferences by ethnicity, age, gender and distance and swipe accordingly - interested or not.

The company feels it's unfair that these sites would take down a legiitamate idea, one they feel would make adoption more personalized and help both kids and prosective parents.
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