Best friends' surprise hospital reunion on Mother's Day goes viral on social media

BOSTON, Mass. -- Nancee Babson knows the nurses at Massachusetts General Hospital well, having stayed there several times for heart issues.

But one particular nurse this weekend caught her attention.

"I really thought she was being rude, whoever this nurse was, and I've never had a rude nurse here ever," Babson told WCVB.

The masked woman may have been a little firm while trying to take Babson's vitals, but that's because she was pretending.

The nurse was really Babson's best friend Kim, visiting from New York.

"It was just an awesome surprise, even if it hadn't been Mother's Day," she said.

The surprise visit was plotted by Babson's son Holden.

"I decided, 'Wait, wait I have a really funny idea,'" he said.

The two friends had not seen each other in a long time because of Babson's health issues - those issues allowing Holden to pull off the perfect Mother's Day prank.

"Her vision is not so great anyway, and she had just woken up from a nap so it worked out in our favor," he said.

The video of the surprise visit has gone viral on social media. Holden's gift to his mom is proving to be the best medicine this Mother's Day.

"It's sad to say but I don't know how many Mother's Days we'll have, and to be able to do something like this to make her this happy makes me happy and will be a memory I will hold in my heart forever," he said.