Woman praises TSA for helping son with autism on first flight

Angie Solis was not sure how her son with autism would handle the airport security check on his first flight. Thanks to a caring TSA agent named Alesea, they were taken to "TSA heaven."

Solis shared her experience on Facebook. She said she arrived at Indianapolis International Airport at 5 a.m. with her 13-year-old son Zion.

As they approached the security line, they saw hundreds of people waiting. She feared Zion's anxiety would cause him to have a meltdown.

Thankfully, Alesea brought Solis and her son through the security line without panic.

"She spoke directly to my son. She treated him like a person with feelings and a voice and worth," Solis wrote in the Facebook post.

Alesea was able to bring Solis and her son to the front of the line. They were able to go through a "gentle security check" where they were not touched and didn't have to remove their shoes.

Solis recommended that any family traveling with a person who has special needs call TSA Cares at 855-787-2227 three days before their departure.

"Thank you TSA, from the bottom of my heart for making this experience stress-free," Solis said. "And for caring enough to understand that some people just process differently and need extra TLC."
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