Your Life: Spouses surviving election stress

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Life today is undeniably complicated: managing your household, your budget, your kids even your technology devices. It makes navigating each day a challenge.

That is why 6abc is launching a new series titled "Your Life" and our goal is to give you information and tools to help with just that

This is the first story of our series.

While some claim they are counting down the days until the election is over, many more seem to be intensely engaged in this polarizing presidential battle and often, it's not so pretty. Differing political opinions in 2016 are causing extreme stress between coworkers, friends and even spouses.

During Brian and Jenine Amato's 25 year marriage, political discussions were always celebrated.

"We've always had our little differences with politics, but we've always had the same common ground," Brian said.

Not in 2016.

Trump vs Clinton has made Amato vs. Amato an unhealthy matchup.

We caught up with this busy couple when Brian was working from New York City; he joined us via video conference.

"We had a discussion on the back patio and the neighbor literally looked over the fence like 'you know we can hear you.' We literally had to take the discussion inside it was crazy," Jenine said.

Founder of, Dr. Pete Sulack, believes this is one of the most polarizing elections in history.

"The stress is an internal response to this external world and the crazier the world gets the more it affects us internally," Sulack said.

Add on the 24/7 bombardment of opining on social media and you've got a dangerous stress cocktail.

So how do you handle election induced stress and salvage relationships and your health?

"I think it's very important you don't get worked up about things you can't control," Sulack said.

Dr. Sulack suggests focusing on finding positive stories and images on social media and relying on credible sources for your information.

Cope with stress in healthy ways - like meditation or exercise.

And if you find friendships or your marriage suffering, try to remember all the reasons you love and care about that person.

"If you lose those valuable relationships, it's going to lose your ability to cope properly with stress," Sulack said.

Jenine says she is going to move to Ecuador if Trump wins, but Brian insists that won't happen.

They do agree avoiding political discussions is better for their health and marriage, but are having a hard time sticking to it.

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