Celebrating zipper fashion on National Zipper Day

April 29th is National Zipper Day.

We may not think about zippers very much, but today we are going to celebrate the best in zipper fashion.

You can never have too many zippers, right? That's why one dress is made, not from fabric, but from 120 metal zippers.

It's convertible clothing allowing you to change your entire look on the fly.

Speaking of flies, why restrict zippers just to the fly of your jeans.

Levis partnered with a french company to bring a pair of $2,000 jeans with zippers in some interesting areas.

They are sold out everywhere.

And how about a jumpsuit with a head to toe zipper, allowing you to tune out the entire world.

Finally, the ultimate in zipper fashion -- the giant zipper puffer coat, or whatever you'd like to call it.

Fun fact: A zipper was once known as a clasp locker.
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