Local cosmetic center offers tips for fall skincare, special offer for 6abc viewers

WAYNE, Pa. -- As we say goodbye to summer, many of us are starting to see that the fun in the sun and surf left behind a few souvenirs on our face.

A local cosmetic center is offering some helpful tips on transitioning our skin for the upcoming fall season.

Cathy O'Hara visited Deme Cosmetics on the 700 block of West Lancaster Avenue in Wayne to clean up what she calls the "summer mess."

"We have a lot of time at the shore and traveling and drinking and more fun in the summer," she said. "All the sun damage - wrinkles brown spots and just the texture feels like it's rougher, so let's get it smoother and back to glowing."

The pros here say when the summer winds down, there's an uptick in women - and men - trying to correct the damage.

They cater each session to what you need and how much you want to spend, but say the biggest difference comes from maintenance at home and investing in skincare tailored to you.

"The truth is, if you take care of your body and you work out, if you take care of your skin every day and follow a good solid regimen, you will have better results and bang for your buck," said Deme Medical Director, Dr. Steve Copit.

As we head into fall, their best advice is to keep wearing sunscreen. And not just on the face, but neck and chest too. They also say to always exfoliate, hydrate and instead of spending a ton of money on products you see in stores, get one good moisturizer.

"Clinical skincare is different because it has clinical ingredients so moisturizers are not just hydrating dead skin anymore they are changing the tissue and penetrating the tissue to make the cells better," said Elizabeth Cardarelli, Skincare Practitioner.

And as a special treat for 6abc viewers: When you go in for a facial treatment, they will also fix the summer fun left behind on your neck and chest.

"All of this is part of your youthful appearance, so the viewers will come in and we will treat your neck and decolette (or chest)," said Cardarelli.

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