Target woos us again - this time with an adaptive clothing line for kids with disabilities

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Jackie Bruns is no stranger to challenges. As a mom of seven, three of Brun's children have significant special needs. Her second-youngest child was born with short bowel syndrome, which required him to have a gastric tube inserted in his abdomen since birth.

Image source: Jackie Bruns

When her son outgrew his size 9-month sleepers, Bruns noticed that size 12-month and larger sleepers were all made with zippers, instead of snaps. Zippers not only posed safety risks to her son's gastric tube, it limited easy access, and made clothing changes cumbersome.

Bruns frantically began researching custom-made sleepers online, that's was until she found a company selling them for a whopping $45-$60 per sleeper! Three years later, she faced the same issue again when her youngest son with Apert syndrome also required a gastric tube to help supplement his nutrition.

So when Target made a major announcement this week, parents like Bruns cheered. Starting October 22, will be begin selling adaptive apparel under the Cat & Jack label for children living with disabilities. According Target's A Bullseye View, "Some highlights from the assortment include outerwear with zip-off sleeves, footless sleepwear and diaper-friendly leggings and bodysuits. Another plus? The clothing is made from extra-soft, comfortable and durable cotton knits."

Image source: Target

Target also shares that although the items are special, they look similar to current brand styles. This exciting addition to the Cat & Jack line will have 40 clothing items to choose from, some of which include snaps in ideal places (sides and back), zippered closures, and "hidden openings for abdominal access."

Principal Technical Designer, Kids Apparel, Mari Anderson, shared, "Our team met with real kids to understand what their needs are in different types of apparel, then put our expertise to the test to create the products. Without a doubt, this has been the most meaningful project that I have been a part of."

Image source: Target

One of the major perks of this innovative addition is that the pieces are affordable. Parents like Bruns are already under financial strain caring for their children's medical needs. And because clothing for children with disabilities is not covered by insurance, the line's price points of $4.50 to $39.99 per item (with most clothing items under $19.99), is much-anticipated. Target's adaptive apparel pieces will be available in toddler sizes 2T to 5T and big kids sizes XS to XXL.

Target has already won parents over with their sensory-friendly clothing items and empowering graphic tees. They continue this tradition by listening to what parents really want: affordable, attractive, practical apparel for children with special needs.

Target, you've wooed us again. We can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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