What's the Deal: Makeup hacks

Now that the holiday season is upon us, a makeup pro has a few clever hacks to looking more refreshed, glowing and even younger when you step out for those many holiday parties.

We're lifting and plumping without injectables or fillers - just a few powders and pencils you probably already have in your makeup bag.

At House of Clarity salon on Sansom Street in Center City, makeup artist Ashley Gadille is using basic foundation and a few pro makeup tricks to enhance and highlight her client Gabby's facial features.

The key is to use a foundation a few shades darker than your own skin.

For a sculpted cheek, go right under the bone line. For the nose, apply on the sides.

Finish off with a shimmery highlighter.

"And it's going to brighten everything, lift everything," said Ashley.

Let's face it - the holidays are hectic. You're shopping, cooking, wrapping and running around.

With these tricks, you can show up to your holiday party looking well rested and glowing.

Just add a little shimmer - that's going to brighten your eyes right up. Try something gold with a little sparkle.

"It's the quickest way to make you look refreshed and awake and lifts the eyes," said Ashley.

To shave a few years off the face, Ashley says fill in your brows with a brush and a shadow that's one shade darker.

"It lifts the face. Having a thicker full brow is more of a youthful look," she said.

For a thicker, fuller pout, she says the wildly popular overdrawn lip is the trick. Use a nude pencil that's slightly darker than your lip and draw around your natural line.

Dab a lighter nude gloss in the middle and you're done.

"Instant thicker, fuller lip and it looks so natural," said Ashley.

One final tip: if you are doing the red holiday lip, fill the whole lip in with a liner - not a lipstick. This way it doesn't smudge!

Also, add a little glitter gloss on top to make the lips look more voluptuous.

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