Mega Millions winning numbers: 15-23-53-65-70 07

The Mega Million winning numbers have been announced Friday night - 15-23-53-65-70 07.

Somebody's dreams may be coming true and change their lives forever.

Who will it be and what will they do with all that money.

At the 7-Eleven store at 23rd and Passyunk in South Philadelphia, lottery tickets were flying out of the machine for those looking to get rich quick.

Store Owner Vincent Emmanuel said, "All day long, All day long. Every time the lottery hits to that kind of numbers, it's just everybody likes to buy a dream, that's exactly what that is."

Dreams of being a billionaire are now in reach, thanks to Mega Millions.

At the Beer Guys store in Havertown, the machines have also been churning out tickets all day. Just about everyone says, they'd take the lump sum cash option which is around the neighborhood of $600 Million before taxes.

Most take quick picks, others have their own lucky numbers.

And with so much money up for grabs, the dreams are unlimited, dreams of mansions and yachts.

It seems everyone is taking a chance of winning the second largest lottery in U.S. history.
The odds of winning are one in 302.5 Million.
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