Starting salaries expected to rise next year

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you're fresh out of college, there's good news on the job front.

Next year, starting salaries are expected to rise by more than three and a half percent.

And if you're wondering which jobs will be the most lucrative - we have answers.

According to salary guides from staffing firm Robert Half, the five industries it monitors will see increases in salaries next year.

These industries include accounting and finance, creative and marketing, administrative and office support, legal and technology.

"These individuals are in such high demand that it means that the companies have to pay a higher starting salary, in addition to other perks in order to attract these individuals and retain them," said Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director.

This could mean more money in your pocket.

If you are in the market for a new gig, do your research.

And perhaps, go back to school to beef up your skills.

"Employers today are looking for soft skills. Leadership skills, presentation skills. Honestly, that combined with the technical abilities is what's landing jobs today," said McDonald.

And there's even more good news for American workers who are finally starting to see raises across the board.

After seven years of stagnant incomes, employers are starting to pay more and that means poverty levels are down by the biggest amount in nearly a half-century.
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