Local entrepreneur creates mail service that delivers at your convenience

NORTHERN LIBERTIES (WPVI) -- Have you ever missed a package and come home to a note on the front door?

Or maybe a package has gone missing after being left at your front step, or if you're tired of running to pick up a package before a shipping center closes.

Just in time for your holiday shopping, meet a local entrepreneur with a new service to save the day.

"I kept missing packages and that's when Fishbox was born," said founder, Napoleon Suarez.

Tired of coming home to missed mail and running to pick it up before the center closes, Fishtown resident Napoleon Suarez created his own mailbox alternative he calls Fishbox.

"Never miss a package again and never wait in line at mailbox store to ship a package again," said Suarez.

His subscription service works like this: You ship your packages to his mail center in in Northern Liberties.

Fishbox will then bring them to you at your convenience when you Are home and text you when they're on the way.

"It will say 'Good news your Fishbox delivery is on its way and should be there in 18 minutes!'" said Suarez.

And if you are home and don't hear the bell Fishbox delivery person will even call and text you.

He says it's perfect for people many busy people.

"(People who) Don't gave a doorman, do a lot of online shopping, maybe have an Amazon Prime subscription and they're not home during the day," said Suarez.

And he doesn't see himself as a competitor to services like the US Postal Service, FedEx or UPS but rather a partner to increase efficiency.

"With us, UPS can actually show up and drop 50 packages and not worry if the people are home or not," said Suarez.

And with the holiday shopping season in full swing, he's kind of like your own personal Santa Claus.

"Right now I am Santa Claus and it's really great," he said.

And after the holidays, Fishbox will even do your returns for you.

"We now offer a package pickup service where we will come, pick it up and return it for you so you don't have to make the trip to the mailbox store," said Suarez.

Right now Fishbox services the Philadelphia area, but he's opening a new center in Bella Vista in February and plans to expand.

For more information on Fishbox, CLICK HERE.
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