Florida toddler receives much-needed kidney donation thanks to social media

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida -- A Florida two-year-old is on the road to recovery following a much-needed kidney transplant.

The toddler's mother turned to social media in August as she searched for a donor.

Now, there's a lot of laughing and smiling in the Chesson family home following Colton's surgery.

"It has changed our whole life as a family and we get to see our two-year-old in a way that we have never seen him before," says Lisa Chesson.

It's all thanks to a donation by 21-year-old Drew Schneider.

Drew saw Lisa's social media post about her son needing a kidney transplant.

She soon realized her mother had met Lisa years ago.

Her mother supported her decision.

"Well, actually, when I went and got tested, I said to my mom in the car a couple of days later I feel like I'm a match," Drew says.

The kidney surgery, which took place on September 30th, brought the families back together.

Now, Colton and Drew are on the road to recovery.

Drew, who owns a cheerleading company, is almost back to her usual active lifestyle.

And, so far, Colton is adjusting well to his new kidney.

"A two year old boy is being able to play games and bathe and be lively with his family," Drew says.

"I don't think she will ever know how thankful we are. My husband and I talk about it every night, we pray and thank God every night," Lisa says.

Drew is hopeful Colton might get something else from her.

"My attitude, unfortunately for Lisa. Just kidding. Maybe he will get my attitude. I kind of have, I'm a little spunky," Drew says.