300 students sick in one Minnesota school as flu escalates

SHAKOPEE, Minnesota (WPVI) -- The flu continues to pick up steam here and across the nation, just in time for the holidays!

11 states and Puerto Rico now have high levels of flu activity.

In Shakopee, Minnesota, one middle school had over 300 absences yesterday due to flu-like illnesses.

That's more than a quarter of the students!

"Yeah, we have half of our hockey team that was out of school today, because of strep throat and flu-like symptoms," says Kathy Young, mom to a middle-school student.

The dominant strain in Minnesota is the B type, which hits children and young adults harder.

Pennsylvania's new status report shows increasing flu activity in virtually every county, and with 3 strains circulating.

They are 2 A-strains as well as B-type.

What's making people sick varies by location - in the Philadelphia area, it's split between A & B.

However, in the west, B is the overwhelming strain.

The state says 6 flu-related deaths have been reported so far.
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