Tamron Hall asks why Philadelphia Flyers fans need 'rage room'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Wells Fargo Center's new "Disassembly Room" was all the rage during Friday's episode of "The Tamron Hall Show."

"I lived in Philadelphia for four years, and I keep saying this, there's nothing like a Philly sports fan," Tamron, a Temple University alum, said.

Tamron wanted to understand the reasoning behind the new 'rage room' for Flyers fans.

"What are they so mad about?" Tamron asked.

There was at least one Philadelphia sports fan in her audience to help her out - and she would not let Tamron even finish her thought because this fan had something to say.

"You have to understand the history of the Philly teams. We've come a long way, Tamron. We've had to dig in and get everything we got for our teams. Now we're winning, and we just can't take stuff from other people coming with that chit chat about their teams. We can't take it," the Philadelphia fan said.

Earlier this week, the Flyers and Wells Fargo Center unleashed the 'rage room.'

Through scheduled sessions that can be reserved in advance, fans unleash their rage on items like televisions and dishes using bats, hockey sticks, sledgehammers and more. Fans will even be able to take their anger out on the logo of an opposing team.

"I need to understand this," Tamron said, so she brought on ESPN's Jay Williams to her program to explain.

Jay explained it costs $35 for five minutes for one person to let loose in the "Disassembly Room."

"What? It's not free?" Tamron asked. "They should be mad they paid $35 to go into this room."

Williams said he's OK with adults taking part in the 'rage room,' but would caution any parent to allow their kids to do it.

"You could also meditate to blow off some steam. You can find ways without breaking glass," Williams said.

Williams said the Flyers do provide protective gear for those entering the room.

"On the one hand I'm happy that if you're that upset that you have a room to blow off some steam; on the other hand, could you really be taking a sports team that seriously?" Tamron asked.

"Fans take games very seriously," Williams said.

"Let me take that back, cause I judge you on how you feel about the Cowboys," Tamron said.

Tamron then asked her audience who would go into the 'rage room.'

A few hands went up, including an audience member named Wilbur, who admitted he would use the room, not for sports reasons, but because of the political climate.

Jay then suggested he and Tamron should try out the 'rage room' together.

Tamron replied, "I have a better idea. We go to South Street, eat some Jim's Philly cheesesteaks. I'll go to Philly, we'll have cheesesteaks together. We can kick it."
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