ACME pledges $1 million to food organizations across Delaware Valley

MALVERN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- In an effort to address food insecurity, ACME is pledging $1 million to local organizations that feed the hungry across the Delaware Valley.

ACME launched the campaign as part of its 130th anniversary.

"We're really looking for anything, so, if you have a van that is going around into underserved neighborhoods and you're trying to feed people out of that, that is something we'd be looking for," said Dana Ward, communications and public affairs representative for ACME. "We're looking for your traditional food distributions whether it be Philabundance or SHARE or any other program in Philadelphia. Everyone is welcome. We just want to feed as many people as possible."

Chosen 300 Ministries in Philadelphia's Spring Garden section distributes meals and services to the homeless throughout the region.

Executive Director Brian Jenkins said the pandemic has created a desperate need for food and assistance.

"When you're dealing with about 23% of the population that was falling below the poverty level and then you have another about 185,000 people in Philadelphia that were already dealing with severe poverty and what that means is that you're falling below $12,000 a year in income, then you have the pandemic on top of it, " Jenkins said.

Jenkins said he's grateful large corporations are stepping up as the number of payroll deductions into the organization decrease.

"The reality is that the non-profits, in order to be sustained, need the financial support so organizations like ACME and whoever else would like to donate to charities, is going to be a big help to the community as we continue to serve," said Jenkins.

Local food organizations can apply for a piece of the grant from now through February 12, 2021 by visiting and utilizing the invitation code ACME130. According to ACME, all grantees will be notified by June 1, 2021.
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