Harvest Ministries Food Pantry Receives Outpouring of Help After Being Vandalized

BENSALEM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Harvest Ministries in Bensalem posted devastating pictures on Facebook after vandals attacked their food pantry Friday night, and boy did it get a reaction.

"If you needed something and you just drove up and took it away I don't have an issue with that, that's why we leave it out but to destroy it so someone else couldn't use use it was not cool at all," Organizer JoAnn Jordan said.

It's a much different picture come Tuesday,

volunteers filling up boxes in the parking lot of the Cornwells United Methodists Church as donations keep pouring in.

"Withinminutes of posting the pictures we had people oh what can we do ...one lady said I'm an hour away but I can get there to help you clean it up. People dropping off donations and it's been really nice to see," Jordan said.

Jim Schultz both relies on the pantry to get by

and also volunteers.

"Being able to see people get their quality of life back and being able to stretch their dollars a little bit," Schultz said.

The food pantry just ran its numbers from last month and they say they're operating at 5 times above average due to the pandemic feeding nearly 1800 families. So they really appreciate the community helping them get back on their feet at a critical time.

"We're getting people from south jersey, Philadelphia, bucks county so there is a need especially for some of the fresh produce and eggs and milk," Jordan said.

What started as a cry for help on social media...

turned into a community sticking together, and Harvest Ministries now posting a huge thank you!
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