Australian food blog releases list of 'worst' pizza toppings

A culinary controversy has been sparked by a food blog down under.

Australian dining website "Good Food" compiled a list of the "worst" pizza toppings in response to a now-defunct restaurant that topped pies with sushi.

Some of the banned toppings united social media in agreement.

Those toppings include calamari, which Good Food compared to a boiled eraser on pizza, and olives with the pits still in them.

But others were not so cut and dry.

For example, the blog says barbecue sauce should never come near pizza, calling it cloying as a sauce.

Eggs were also a debate. Good Food claims egg and cheese should only coexist in omelettes.

Chicken comes before eggs, in terms of topping offenders on the list.

Specifically, the author says parmesan, garlic, roast and nugget forms should never go on pizza.

The two most divisive ingredients might be fresh tomatoes and canned mushrooms.

Good Food argues pizza has loads of tomatoes already in sauce form, and adding more just makes everything soggy.

As for canned mushrooms, the author seems to have an issue with the texture, calling them slimy frauds.

Whether or not you agree, you can find the entire list of so-called banned toppings on the Good Food website.
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