Australian KFC wants a Michelin star

Getting a Michelin star in the restaurant world is like getting an Oscar.

You can see why it's news then that a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Australia is making a case for one.

"Here we are on our mission to get a Michelin star and I found some customers who came from a long way away," Sam Edelman, the owner of the KFC in Alice Springs, Australia can be heard saying in a video.

Edelman spoke to customers who came all the way from Mt. Gambia -- that's about 62 miles away.

Because people drive hundreds of miles for those buckets of chicken, it's technically in high demand, so they meet the criteria to apply.

As for the food quality, the fresh chicken is delivered daily and hand breaded by the chefs there.

The only big issue?

Michelin does not currently publish a guide in Australia.
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