Burger King tests out traffic jam delivery

Being stuck in traffic is the worst, and it's only made worse when you're "hangry."

That's why Burger King is offering the "traffic jam Whopper."

Burger King tested it out in Mexico City, and it worked.

They used real-time data to detect potential buyers in traffic jams.

Messages on smart billboards displayed information about the remaining time in traffic to order and personalized updates about deliveries in progress.

The Waze app invited drivers to get a Whopper when they entered a delivery zone.

Drivers could order hands-free.

Google Maps helped pinpoint the driver, and a motorcycle delivery driver brought it right to the window.

Now you can have it your way while on the move.

During this trial, Burger King orders increased a whopping 63-percent in a week.

They're now looking to try it in Los Angeles.
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