Consumer Reports tests best supermarket veggie burgers

Meatless Monday is a trend happening all across the country.

As part of that, 25% of Americans say they serve veggie burgers more than once a month and many eat them several times a week.

Consumer Reports says they've come a long way and it's very possible that the best burgers at your summer barbecue may not have a shred of meat in them.

"People think of veggie burgers as flavorless or rubbery or something to pass over, but we found plenty that were delicious," said Amy Keating, Consumer Reports Nutritionist.

Fast-food giant Wendy's is testing a black-bean burger and White Castle now has a veggie slider on the menu. But how do supermarket veggie burgers fare?

Consumer Reports put 17 veggie burgers to the test with some surprising findings, including the fact that not all veggie burgers are low in calories.

While Lightlife Smart Patties have only 100 calories each - every Sunshine Burger has 360!

But many are tops for nutrition and taste.

If you like your veggie burgers to mimic meat, the MorningStar Farms Grillers Original come closest to the taste of a regular burger at 130 calories each.

And Boca All American Flame Grilled burgers actually do taste grilled - and a little cheesy - with 120 calories.

If you prefer the taste of grains, seeds and veggies, Amy's California Light-in-Sodium burgers have just 110 calories and big mushroom and nutty flavors. They are equally tasty but have half as much sodium as their regular version.

All in all, you've got plenty of good choices if you're looking to say, "Make mine meatless."
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