Celebrate National Sandwich Day at Huda, a new Sandwich Shop with eats from around the world

After a decade in kitchens, Chef 'Huda' Sichel finally has a place of his own.
November 3rd is not only Election Day, it's also National Sandwich Day. So there's no better time to try Huda, Center City's new sandwich spot.

And after more than a decade in the kitchens of Cook N' Solo, Chef Yehuda 'Huda' Sichel finally has a place to call his own.

He takes the same approach to sandwiches as he does to more elevated dining saying it's all about the flavors and layering.

He spent quarantine perfecting his bread. Some of the sandwiches are served open-faced on sourdough and some on Japanese style milk buns.

Yehuda says the menu reflects his lifelong food journey of cooking, eating and traveling so you'll find Jewish, South American, Asian, Californian, Middle Eastern and European influences with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

He recommends you try the brisket with garlic pickles and the crispy Maitake mushroom, which he says happens to be vegetarian.

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Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am-6pm

32 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
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