Internet goes crazy over the 'naked nugget'

Earlier this week we told you about chicken nugget ice cream, a concoction that thoroughly horrified social media.

Today, we're upping the game with the "naked nugget."

The "naked nugget" can best be described as a peeled chicken nugget.

The stripped bites went viral earlier this week after a Twitter user shared a photo of the way he prefers his McDonalds.

He put skin on one side of the container and naked nuggets, plus dipping sauce, on the other.

As you might imagine, people immediately lost it, calling him a monster and saying he defiled the chicken.

But others are on his side.

Sage Anderson from Mashable not only defended the nude nuggets, but they provided a step-by-step guide to peeling your own.

Anderson even risked a total internet meltdown by saying the discarded nugget shells are actually the best part.

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