Piece by piece, new diner arrives in Wilmington, Delaware

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- An old school diner arrived in Wilmington, Delaware in a very modern way on Thursday.

The two-story diner arrived in pieces, on 16 trucks.

It's a modular building that was constructed in Atlanta, Georgia and transported here to be reassembled.

Each section is finished, and the rooms will be connected like building blocks over the next few days.

The 80-seat diner located on North Lincoln Street will be called Goober's.

It's owned by a local business owner who saw a need for a great diner in Wilmington.

"So it's been a project for about two years called Goober's Diner. It's owned by a Wilmington gentleman named Vance Kershner. He's the owner of LabWare," said Vaughn Hardin, Director of Special Operations for LabWare. "Couple years ago decided he wanted a great place to have breakfast in Wilmington. So we decided we're going to build a diner."

The diner is expected to be assembled in three days and open for business around Labor Day.

Goober's will have the authentic 1950's feel with neon lights and a lot of stainless steel.

And just like any great diner, breakfast will be served all day along with meatloaf, fried chicken and all your greasy spoon favorites.
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