Six minute meals: Chef Rich Landau's Israeli Sabich Salad with fattoush

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You could make this amazing Israeli Sabich Salad in just six minutes. (WPVI)

6-Minute Meals
6 Minute Meal Recipe: Chef Rich Landau's Israeli Sabich Salad with fattoush
Step 1: Grill the Eggplant. Slice a fresh eggplant into thick slabs (Chef Tip: Make sure the eggplant is blemish free and shiny enough that you see your reflection in the skin). Slather one side with Za'atar marinade (Chef Tip: you can buy Za'atar or just use olive oil, salt & pepper).
Grill the eggplant until tender and chop (Chef Tip: You can pre-prepare and store the eggplant)

Step 2: Prepare fattoush salad (fattoush is a Lebanese bread salad). Use half of an old baguette (Chef Tip: you can use any variety of stale bread). Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt & pepper & toast in frying pan, in oven or even on grill (you're basically making croutons).

While the bread is toasting:
Chop up red onion (approx. 1 TSP). A dozen grape tomatoes sliced in half (Chef Tip: you can substitute any variety of tomato). Half of a medium sized cucumber, sliced and quartered. Put all vegetables into a bowl, season with a little salt, a dash of cumin, a little bit of fresh dill & olive oil then toss. Dice up toasted bread in roughly the same bite size as your vegetables and add to bowl.

Step 3: Plating

Whip tahini in blender with olive oil & lemon (Chef Tip: Pre-whip & store tahini. It keeps for a week and can be used on a variety of dishes). Swirl a heaping tablespoon of tahini onto your serving plate (Chef Tip: For an artful presentation, start in the middle of the plate; keep the hand holding the spoonful of tahini steady as you slowly spin the plate with the other hand). Spread a tablespoon of Zhug sauce on top of the whipped tahini (Chef Tip: you can buy Zhug; it's made with grilled long hot peppers & jalapenos). Add a half cup of your grilled & chopped eggplant. Finish with the fattoush salad. Enjoy for lunch or dinner.
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