Spice company goes viral for their wordy labels

There's a spice company trending on social media.

If you look closely at the labels on the spice offerings from Oasis Bakery in Australia you will see long paragraphs.

And no, they are not the ingredients.

Some are the descriptions of famous novels, others are a stream of consciousness, such as, "I often wonder about the existential nature of sumac -- a spice that's able to transcend all notions of time and space and form. I also wonder about equilibrium."

Some elaborate on the history of the spice -- a little bonus lesson with your Italian herbs.

People are loving this spicy writer, who even gets a little "Lord of the Rings" when calling Tarragon the King of the Herbs.

It begins, "Tarragon, the dwarfs, the elf and the wizard all set off to middle earth..."
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