Spotluck app helps you find local dining discounts

If you love to dine out and you love a discount, you'll want to check out a fun new app that recently launched in Philadelphia.

If it rains or if it's a weekday, you pay less than you would on a busy Saturday night.

And this app encourages you to try new restaurants in different parts of town - all with the spin of a wheel and lure of a deal.

"The main argument I have with my husband is where to eat every time - either we go to same restaurant because we know it - or we stay in same neighborhood," said Kateryna Bendak-Howe.

She says these days, they let new dining app, Spotluck, make the decisions for them.

"It's a no-brainer honestly, once you hear about it," said Kateryna.

Spotluck is the brainchild of Cherian Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Spotluck, who was trying to figure out a way to get diners to check out new restaurants and fill seats in those restaurants - no matter the weather.

"Ultimately we saw there was a big challenge in restaurant space and we felt prices on a Tuesday at 2 p.m. when its raining shouldn't be the same as Friday night at 6 p.m.," said Thomas.

Thomas started Spotluck two years ago in the Washington D.C. area and launched in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

"The app was screaming there but it was absolutely blowing up in Philly - this town screams foodie and techie and neighborhood and hyper-local," he said.

So far he's partnered up with nearly 100 restaurants in neighborhoods across the city - including Old City, Center City, East Passyunk, Rittenhouse, Manayunk and University City.

"You got Moriarity's, Jamonera, Lolita, Mixto, staples like Fergie's - local, authentic spots," said Thomas.

Barra Rossa in Midtown Village was one of the first to sign on.

"Its been phenomenal. We've had about 80 people sign up and dine with us. Thee competition is fierce. There are a lot of really great restaurants in this neighborhood. Philly is a restaurant town so it's been great at getting them in and keeping them coming back," said Nick Longobardi, co-owner of Barra Rossa.

And the app is free!

"You get one spin per day and totally at random it picks a spot and spotluck," said Thomas.

Then you just show up and lock in your discount, which ranges from 15 to 35 percent off.

"We have software that changes discounts - smart discounts based on day, time, weather and other factors that affect occupancy," said Thomas.

And if you're not a fan of driving into the city, no need to worry. They plan to expand to the suburbs soon.

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