Sweet summer corn: 6 things to know to enjoy it to the fullest


Any true corn lover knows that this is the perfect time of year because sweet summer corn is so juicy and delicious it's tempting to eat it right off the cob.

Here are 6 things to know to enjoy this late-summer delight to the fullest.

1. Peak season is starting now
The best time of year to eat sweet corn in Pennsylvania is late July and early August. It's when every variety of super-sweet corn, from white to yellow to bi-color, is in peak season.

2. Look for the best cobs

Not all corn is created equal. When picking out corn at the grocery store, look for green stalks. Feel the cobs up and down and pick out the ones that are the most full.

3. Eat it quickly

Not that you need encouraging, but corn tastes better the more recently it's been picked. You can store it for up to a week in the refrigerator. Use a plastic bag to help keep the flavor.

4. Take advantage of corn's nutrition by making it the star of your recipes
Sweet corn is so much more than a yummy summer snack -- it's good for you! Like many other vegetables, it's a rich source of ferulic acid. This chemical has been found to have therapeutic effects against a variety of diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

This means corn is the perfect star of a healthy recipe, as with this Chipotle-inspired corn salsa salad.

5. However you cook it, don't overdo it


Corn with the husk needs about 4-6 minutes. Without the husk, wrap a wet paper towel around it and cook for five minutes.


Corn needs about 8-11 minutes on the grill, flipping 1-2 times. Make sure you rinse the husks before grilling.


Corn only needs 3-4 minutes in boiling water for the right taste.

6. Buy local!

Shopping for produce at a locally owned grocer has plenty of benefits for both the farmer and the consumer, not the least of which is the taste. Since the quality can deteriorate so quickly, your best bet is to always buy local so you know the corn was recently picked.

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