What is an 'inclusion rider' and why Frances McDormand wants A-list stars to have one

HOLLYWOOD, California -- The moment Frances McDormand mentioned the phrase 'inclusion rider' during her acceptance speech for Best Actress, social media lit up with questions.

According to a USC Annenberg report on Media, Diversity & Social Change, an inclusion rider (also known as an "equality rider") is an addition that A-list talent can make on their contracts to help achieve inclusive hiring practices.

"The contract language can focus on pursuing diversity in the above and belowtheline positions that have historically underrepresented females, people of color, the LGBT community, individuals with disabilities, and other marginalized groups," the report says.

By exercising this power, actors and other talent believe they can ensure Hollywood films are as diverse as America herself.

After winning the award, McDormand was asked about the 'inclusion rider,' and said she found out about it last week.

"We're not going back," she said. "The whole idea of women trending - no. No trending. African Americans trending - no. No, trending. It changes now, and I think the inclusion rider will have something to do with that."
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