'Frozen' fans can experience magic of highly anticipated sequel starting Friday

Disney's highly anticipated "Frozen 2" hits big screens across the country on Friday.

ABC7's Janet Davies spoke to Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood about joining the cast of voices in the blockbuster franchise, which includes Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell.

Despite being well-known actors, both Brown and Wood had to complete singing auditions to land their parts.

"You know it's a hot commodity here," Wood said. "They got to hear us all out!"

Brown said it doesn't matter whether you have a name if you can't sing.

Wood added, "We want it to be right. We want it to be magic."

Brown said he first saw "Frozen" with his son.

"We had a wonderful time. He was only 2 at the time. He's 8 now."

Brown said his son enjoys his role in the sequel.

"When he gets to go and we do the red carpet and we go to the premiere and he sees what it all leads up to, then he's like, 'This is cool,'" Brown said.

"Frozen 2" is from Walt Disney Pictures, owned by the same parent company as ABC.
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