FYI Philly: Fall food extravaganza

Husband and Wife duo, Christine and Nick Kondra, are bringing their own unique approach to dining at Cornerstone Cheese and Charcuterie.

Christine and Nick Kondra are Owner/Chef of Conerstone Cheese and Charcuterie.

"We have cheese, we have charcuterie that we sell, and we also have a 14 seat BYO," said Christine.

Karen Rogers says she's a girl who's tried to diet several times, but has decided life without cheese is not worth living, so this is really her kind of place.

Nick adds, "We actually like being here and love having our guests in here and show them what we're all about. Something different that people don't see around here."

The idea was inspired by the couple's travels around the world where they found a variety of flavors.

"We're pulling in cheeses from all over the country domestically and internationally and we pull from very small purveyors um and farmers and artisans we have cheeses in here that nobody else has in the country," said Christine.

They sell prepared foods, but also have a daily menu for lunch and dinner and the open kitchen makes you feel like your dining at a friend's house.

It really does feel that you come here and you're a community not just going out to dinner.

"We designed this for a place that we would want to go out to eat and this is kind of what we want we're a small inside feeling and being able to talk to your neighbors," said Nick.

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