Walnut Street Theatre kicks off its 211th season with the stateside premiere of the musical Young Frankenstein

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The show Young Frankenstein, based on the Mel Brooks film, breathes new life into Transylvania Heights.

"We're doing the American premiere of the revised London version," says Greer Duckworth, props manager of the Walnut Street Theatre, "so it has a revised script, revised lyrics."

Mel Brooks made the changes himself, adding two new musical numbers that Mary Jane Houdina choreographed for the Walnut Street Theatre.

"The songs are 'It Could Work,'" Duckworth says, "and 'Hang Him 'Til He's Dead.'"

The story follows Frederick Frankenstein-or Fronk-en-steen, as he insists on being called, who is facing a dilemma upon his grandfather's death.

"He's very against reviving dead people," Duckworth says, "but he inherits the castle and he sort of finds the secret lair underneath."

He ultimately decides to create a monster with his sidekick, the hunchbacked Igor- or Eye-gore as he is known-and his beautiful lab assistant Inga.

"High jinks ensue," Duckworth says, "There's a lot of romance and a lot of laughs."

The production is being directed by Charles Abbot whose previous credits with the Walnut Street Theatre include 'Holiday Inn' and 'South Pacific.'

The sets were designed by Robert Kovach who has also worked on a number of shows for the Walnut Street Theatre.

"So we build all of the sets, props, paint, everything by hand," Duckworth says, and the scenery is made in Port Richmond.

"We've got switches that move," Duckworth says, "and turn things on."

"There's a lot of zany gags," adds costume designer Mary Folino, who says she works to create costumes that will enhance scenes through wardrobes, "make sure that the magic that you see on stage happens."

The makeup will lend the finishing touch, completing the look for characters, "it's fun musical numbers, Duckworth says, adding that it's a little bit scary but very funny, "So we think we're doing it the perfect time of year."

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September 3- October 20

825 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 574-3550
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